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Born and brought up in the busy city of Kolkata, India, Aruna was taught to embrace her creative spirit and passion for singing and songwriting at a young age and started to perform for audiences as a child; these experiences soon fostered a dream to be a successful singer/songwriter in her adolescent years. Trained in Indian classical music for a short period of time, as well as taught to sing a range of songs from her rich Bengali culture by her grandmother, Aruna was brought up being exposed to both Indian and Western music while cultivating more of an interest towards the latter. 


The music she writes now reflects the affinity that she has felt with Western Pop music since she was a pre-teen, and the RnB and electronic music styles that she gravitated toward later on. Her piano ballads, rhythmic guitar songs, and electronically produced tracks are influenced by a range of different artists, from hit-makers such as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Lana Del Rey, to musicians from the RnB/Neo-soul music scene such as Jorja Smith, Daniel Caesar, and H.E.R. A soprano singer with a love for harmonies, Aruna makes music that reflects these characteristics in her high-range and melodic tunes. 

With her music, Aruna intends to form a space for those who do not feel represented, but find their comfort in music, and hopes to bring together both Eastern and Western cultures by spreading the message of unity and harmony through her music.