Deza, also known as Ahmed Abdi is a rapper-producer from Ottawa, Canada. 


Under a previous name, he released a 15 track mixtape “Vivid Visions” (2014), on his 18th birthday. After feeling he did not have enough lived experience, he took a hiatus through his time in university to meet this end. Since mid-2020, he has come back with more determination and ambitions than before.  


In late 2019, he arrived in Tokyo and has been slowly getting involved in the music scene. 

Through collaboration with talented musicians that can only be found in a city considered the most populous metropolis in the world, he has been rebuilding and developing his art style. 


He later released his collaboration EP “PICK” in November 2020 with fellow artist Ro Morikawa. In addition to this, he released his first single “Outta Sight” in December of the same year. 


Deza is hoping to continue to collaborate with many artists to showcase his versatility but also explore his sound while also having his sound represent his life.