Fifi Robo

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Diving head first into fruitful melodies and colourful rhythms, singer/songwriter FiFi Robo has been crafting under the surface to debut with her own take on Alternative-Pop.

Playing with lyrics and finding her feet by dipping into different palets of music through the course of 2020 allowed FiFi to evolve and adapt into an artist who can bring their own style to the table. Featuring on the electro-jazz artist-producer Hemai’s debut single “Euphoria” brought a niche buzz to the singers name in corners of the industry that were new to her.

Gigging since her early teens and picking up songwriting along the way, FiFi pulls influences from pop-icons like Gwen Stefani, Alanis Morissette & Lady Gaga. With her debut projects patiently making final tweaks in the locker, the London-Based vocalist has never been more focused on making her mark on the world of pop music.