Will Spencer


Heartbreakingly honest stories fuel Will’s universe. Imagine soaring guitar solos and delicate, edgy vocals steering a band that shifts seamlessly between blues and indie rock. 


Will infuses audiences with passionate performances; turning heads with his unique voice and shocking locals with his unconventional song structures. As part of funk-rock band ‘Hyrus’, Spencer toured the underground clubs of London, impressing and captivating audiences while starting to make a name for himself as one of London’s most unique modern artists. 


Inspired by Jeff Buckley’s majestic album ‘Grace’ and stunned by the schismatic writing styles of Everything Everything, Spencer merges the unlikely genres of Psychedelia and Pop with Alternative Rock, developing a style that is unmistakably unique to his artistry. 


Will’s newest single ‘One Day’ promises to win over the hearts of anyone who’s ever felt the same, where his lyrics address topics of mental health, depression and isolation, the other-worldly textures of the chorus are equally tranquil as they are unyielding. One day is out on the 18th of December.